Storing wine properly

Is your wine collection constantly expanding, leading you to wonder about the best way to store the bottles? Wine is a foodstuff – just like milk, natural juice, etc. To ensure the wine is preserved properly, retains its full flavour and can develop properly, it should be stored in the correct way.

Here are a few tips on how:

  • Temperature: The storage location should be kept at a constant temperature without major fluctuations. Ideal temperatures are between 8 and 18° Celsius and above 20° Celsius for longer storage periods, as wine matures more quickly under higher temperatures..
  • Darkness: The wine is best stored in darkness without any exposure to light.
  • No vibrations: Wine should be kept still when stored. Vibrations can stir up sediment (suspended particles, deposits).
  • Humidity: Sufficient air humidity is necessary for storage so that the corks don’t dry out and the bottles don’t “sweat”. Humidity over 35% is enough for short-term storage, while 70% should be the goal with longer periods of storage. However, the humidity of the space should not lie above 90%
  • Odour-neutral: Wine should not be exposed to any strong odours, as these can influence the wine.

Does the type of storage depend on the closure? In general, bottles with a cork should be stored lying down. The bottom of the bottle should ideally be slightly lower to moisten the cork sufficiently. Bottles with other kinds of closure, such as screw tops or glass caps, can be stored standing up.
Before choosing the perfect storage space for the wine, the wine must be suitable for storage. White wines generally have a shorter ageing potential – though there is no comprehensive method to define this. The best method to find out about the ageing potential is to consult your vintner or wine retailer directly.

Home storage is perfectly suitable – at least, for a short period. A cool, dark storage room is particularly suitable. But the cellar too may be appropriate, providing it fulfils the basic requirements. You can simulate the optimal conditions using a wine climate cabinet.

If you have no room in your own premises, there are also outsourced storage sites. We offer the “Storebox – Your storage next door”, which is perfectly suited to storing wine. These spaces are available in various sizes and include a power connection. The integrated sensors allow you to check temperature and humidity at any time from your phone and also view past data, meaning you will always be able to keep an eye on your stored wine.

Here's an interesting video with some useful tips from wine connoisseurs:

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