Store your books correctly

“Of all the worlds ever created by mankind, that of books is the mightiest.” – so said Heinrich Heine. We concur with this wisdom and are gladly committed to the issue of preserving and storing books.

Books often suffer from mould, decolouration and yellowing, and book spines often break. All of these problems can be prevented if they are stored correctly. Do you want to keep your literary treasures, comic book collection or encyclopaedias safe, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Here are some tips and tricks we have saved for you:

Correct care:

It is recommended you dust off your books regularly and a good idea to check for mould or pest infestation just as often. You can tackle pests such as larvae, mites, silverfish or moths by inlaying cedar wood, gingko leaves or lavender. Inserting acidic types of paper such as newspaper may darken book pages.

Self Storage books

Correct storage:

The storage location is crucial for books. Cellars are usually not suitable, as they are too humid and musty, which can lead to mould. Attics are also unsuitable, as books there are exposed to high temperature fluctuations. There is also a risk of pest infestation when using attics and cellars for storage. Another important factor is temperature and protection from sunlight. Heat, the sun’s rays and high humidity can all be dangerous for book pages, with humidity above 50% considered critical.

The correct storage space:

Books are best stored in a dry space that is not too cold and is protected from the sun. Additionally, books should be stored in a wooden or glass cabinet, while open shelves should not be kept near a window. You should also be sure to dust regularly and not smoke in the vicinity. When stored correctly, the books should be stood on the shelf in such a way that they prop one another up. This prevents book covers and spines from bending or breaking.

If you don’t have any space of your own, then outsourced storage locations and self-storage are an option. Our “Storebox – Your store next door” also offers a suitable option for book storage. These facilities are available in varying sizes and are all fitted with a power connection. The integrated sensors allow you to check the temperature and humidity at any time from your phone, as well as view past data, meaning you will always be able to keep an eye on the books you store there.

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