Storage after the flea-market


Flea-markets are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe. The simple concept of making money out of used, no longer needed personal belongings has proven its worth and was already practiced in the late Middle Ages. Flea-markets have a high social significance. Creating benefits for others with things that are no longer of use to oneself. Thinking about the useless stuff and not throwing things away immediately are motives for flea-markets. Flea-markets are subculture-museums. Based on a flea-market stand of a person, one can learn a lot about them or get deep insights into the private life, the personal taste and the subjective value of the objects.

Often it is the storage of things that makes them valuable. "Vintage" and "Shabby-Chic" always get a higher value these days. Old brand-name clothes, grandparents' furniture, traditional coffee-shops and restaurants are getting trendier and more popular than ever. In addition to these lifestyle-facts recycling also plays an important role. The inner-conflict between „minimalism“ and „consumer society“ is made more bearable for the environment by recycling things.

On the one hand, we always want the latest stuff, on the other hand, we cannot part with old things. Thus, often faster than expected, a confusing accumulation of junk and stuff arises, that is no longer needed. However, it is also too precious for the garbage can. Flea-markets are the best way to fight this problem.


Before the flea-market

Before the flea-market takes place you should think about what you want to sell and therefore what kind of flea-market (antiques, clothes, bicycles etc.) you want at all. If you have different categories available, you can of course try your luck at several flea-markets. Tips on which flea-markets to sell at and useful checklists are very important for the preparation of the flea-market. If you don't have time for classic flea-markets online flea-markets such as, Shpock-die Flohmarkt App or Kleiderkreisel are suitable for online sales.

If you want to organize a flea-market yourself you will find appropriate tips and guidelines here.

After the flea-market

So now everything is almost done, but you still have some things left, despite the excellent sales strategy? Selfstorage is the optimal way to store your valuables safely and smart temporarily. It also makes sense to store things properly in the long term. Furniture, bicycles or skis for example do not require a dusty attic or a damp cellar, where they simply wear out without even getting used, but a storage area with all the conditions for proper storage.

Storebox-your storage next door

Selfstorage providers such as Storebox meet exactly these criteria. Storebox offers storage boxes between 1-20m² in Austria and Germany. All boxes are equipped with smart sensors that measure humidity and temperature in real time to ensure an optimal indoor climate. All locations are video-monitored and easily accessible by public transport and by car. A completely digital booking process simplifies the entire procedure. With your personalized access code you can use your storage anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are interested in a storage, simply call us at +4313865858 send an e-mail to or book directly on in less than two minutes.

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Starting from 7,00€ per m²/week. Compartment sizes starting at 1 m². bookable.

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