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Sublet apartment

You are on business, for a few weeks or months, or somewhere on the road and do not want to give up your apartment or leave it empty? Platforms such as Booking.com or Airbnb make it possible to turn your empty flat into money. You can ‘open’ and ‘close’ the apartment whenever you want. From a few days up to several months, everything is possible. The registration of the apartment is completely free of charge. You won’t have any fixed costs.
How much you would like to charge for your apartment per night is entirely up to you. The Airbnb Calculator helps you to find out how much your home is worth in your area, at the moment or on certain occasions, such as New Year's Eve. The billing concepts are different. At Booking.com a commission of 15% is deducted from the fixed price. At Airbnb, it is unique, that not only the host (3% service fee), but also the customer has to pay a commission. This is between 6 and 12% of the booking amount.
Here is some information when subletting is allowed and when not. And here are 16 facts about Airbnb and why you should become a host:

Where to put the personal belongings?

You can find out a lot about your potential customer in advance via the rating portals but it is still a stranger who will spend time in your own home. But where to go with all the personal belongings, that you cannot take with you on your journeys during the interim rental period, nor do you want to give them away. Special furniture, art or other personal valuables require a practical and, above all, safe, intermediate storage during this time.
Selfstorage is a concept, that offers a solution to such problems. Rental warehouses offer both private and business customers the possibility of storing things securely and without problems over a short and a longer period. However, the typical selfstorage site is often located on the outskirts of the city, far away from home or simply difficult to reach. It is also not always easy to rent a warehouse online. Arranging appointments, handing over the keys and visits often turn out to be an unnecessary effort and additional burden.


Store in the Storebox

Storebox is the smart solution to your problem. Many small locations with boxes from 1m² up to 20m² in the inner-city areas allow you to reach your storebox by public transport. 24/7 access, smart sensors technology, which permanently controls humidity and temperature and thus ensures optimal storage conditions, as well as video surveillance are available in all storebox shops. Of course, the entire content is also insured. An enterily digital booking process and a personalized access code make the procedure easier and more flexible.

Hopefully we could help you with this article about the interim storage during an apartment rental.

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Starting from 7,00€ per m²/week. Compartment sizes from 1 m². bookable.

24/7 access

After the booking proccess you'll get a code via email. Enjoy immediate access to your storebox!

smart & save

Our compartments are flexible and save. Smart sensors to measure temperature and humidity are included for FREE


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