Storebox Troststraße

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1.1 From 32,99 €/Month TRS002
1.4 From 41,99 €/Month TRS022
1.7 From 49,99 €/Month TRS011
1.7 From 49,99 €/Month TRS010
1.8 From 52,99 €/Month TRS020
2.2 From 61,99 €/Month TRS019
2.2 From 61,99 €/Month TRS024
3.7 From 95,99 €/Month TRS004
3.8 From 97,99 €/Month TRS007
3.9 From 98,99 €/Month TRS017
4.9 From 116,99 €/Month TRS008
9.3 From 180,99 €/Month TRS021

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Storebox Troststraße

AutomobilesAutomobiles 65A65A
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  • Around the clockAround the clock
  • MonitoredMonitored
  • HeatedHeated
  • Open accessOpen access
  • Smart sensorsSmart sensors
Currently available
Smallest unit: 1,10 m²
Largest unit: 9,30 m²
Least expensive unit: 32,99 €/Monthly

The Storebox Troststraße is located at Knöllgasse 41 in the tenth Viennese district and offers 32 selfstorage units between 0.7m² and 9.3m². You can access your storage unit 24/7 via your personalized entry code.

The units are barrier-free, dry and equipped with smart sensors, video surveillance and come with storage insurance to make storing your things easy, secure and smart. Our sensors measure humidity and temperature in real-time, which can be seen in the dashboard of your account.  

You can easily get to the Storebox via the tram 1 and the bus line 65A. If you want to come by car, it’s best to take the Triesterstraße. Several units are suitable for storing euro pallets. There are also a number of parking slots in front of the Storebox so you can easily unload your goods, but remember to sign a parking ticket if you don’t have a “Parkpickerl”, because the entire 10th district is a short-parking zone.