Storebox Pilgramgasse

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1.4 From 49,99 €/Month PGG043
1.6 From 55,99 €/Month PGG007
1.8 From 62,99 €/Month PGG053
1.8 From 62,99 €/Month PGG018
1.8 From 62,99 €/Month PGG012
1.8 From 62,99 €/Month PGG033
1.9 From 64,99 €/Month PGG021
2.1 From 71,99 €/Month PGG013
2.2 From 73,99 €/Month PGG047
2.8 From 89,99 €/Month PGG010
3.1 From 98,99 €/Month PGG014
3.2 From 100,99 €/Month PGG045
3.2 From 100,99 €/Month PGG055
3.5 From 107,99 €/Month PGG023
3.6 From 109,99 €/Month PGG009
3.8 From 115,99 €/Month PGG050
3.9 From 116,99 €/Month PGG017
4 From 119,99 €/Month PGG016
4.2 From 123,99 €/Month PGG028
5.3 From 144,99 €/Month PGG029
6 From 157,99 €/Month PGG036
6 From 157,99 €/Month PGG040
7.4 From 178,99 €/Month PGG031

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Storebox Pilgramgasse

AutomobilesAutomobiles 12A, 14A, 59A12A, 14A, 59A
TrolleyTrolley U4U4
  • Around the clockAround the clock
  • MonitoredMonitored
  • HeatedHeated
  • Open accessOpen access
  • Smart sensorsSmart sensors
Currently available
Smallest unit: 1,40 m²
Largest unit: 7,40 m²
Least expensive unit: 49,99 €/Monthly

Our Storebox Pilgramgasse at Grohgasse 5-7, 1050 Vienna includes 55 self-storage units ranging from 0,69 m² to 10,4 m². Being just a few steps away from Pilgramgasse metro stop and right behind Margaretenhof, it is very easy to find and get there by both public transport and by car. Like all our Storeboxes, this one can also be accessed around the clock with your personalized code. 

The storage units are dry, barrier-free and smart sensors measure humidity and temperature in real-time, which you can see in the dashboard in your account. Besides, video surveillance and insurance up to €10,000 keeps your storage goods safe and secure.

You can find the Storebox Pilgramgasse right between Margaretenstraße and Schönbrunnerstraße only 4 minutes away from the U4 metro Pilgramgasse. Also, the busses 12A, 13A, 14A, N60 and 59A are just around the corner. For the ones who take the car, there are a few parking slots at Grohgasse. Since Margareten is a short-parking zone, please get a parking ticket or make sure you own a “Parkpickerl”. Many units are suitable for euro pallets too.