Storebox München Giesing

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1.5 From 71,99 €/Month MGS015
1.6 From 75,99 €/Month MGS013
1.6 From 75,99 €/Month MGS004
1.8 From 84,99 €/Month MGS001
1.8 From 84,99 €/Month MGS002
2.1 From 97,99 €/Month MGS014
2.3 From 105,99 €/Month MGS024
2.9 From 129,99 €/Month MGS037
3.1 From 136,99 €/Month MGS035
3.1 From 136,99 €/Month MGS020
3.2 From 140,99 €/Month MGS009
3.3 From 143,99 €/Month MGS021
3.3 From 143,99 €/Month MGS007
3.5 From 151,99 €/Month MGS030
3.5 From 151,99 €/Month MGS019
3.7 From 158,99 €/Month MGS026
3.9 From 165,99 €/Month MGS028
4 From 169,99 €/Month MGS036
4.4 From 182,99 €/Month MGS031
4.4 From 182,99 €/Month MGS029
5.6 From 220,99 €/Month MGS033
6.1 From 235,99 €/Month MGS032
6.1 From 235,99 €/Month MGS038
8.4 From 296,99 €/Month MGS011

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Storebox München Giesing

AutomobilesAutomobiles 54, 145 ,N43, N7554, 145 ,N43, N75
U2, U7, U8, S3, S4, S7U2, U7, U8, S3, S4, S7
  • Around the clockAround the clock
  • Suitable for euro palletsSuitable for euro pallets
  • Smart sensorsSmart sensors
  • HeatedHeated
  • MonitoredMonitored
Currently available
Smallest unit: 1,50 m²
Largest unit: 8,40 m²
Least expensive unit: 71,99 €/Monthly

The Storebox München Giesing is our first Storebox in Munich. It´s situated in the Werinherstraße 101, 81541 Munich Germany. 39 selfstorage units on a total area of 140 square meters offer a lot of space for storing your belongings. The unit sizes vary from 0.7m² up to 8.5m². There is a perfect size for everyone!

The facility is monitored by our smart security system around the clock. With your personal access code, you can store your stuff anytime regardless of opening hours. All units are clean, heated and double secured. Additionally, smart sensors measure air humidity and temperature constantly online. Thanks to the optimal storage and security conditions as well as our flexible insurance solution you can also store sensitive items like paintings, documents or antique furniture.

Storebox is located in the Munich district Giesing. It´s easily reachible by car, there are parking slots right in front of the Storebox. You can also reach us by public transport: the bus lines 54, 145, N43 and N75, the metro lines U2, U7 and U8 as well as the trains S3, S4 and S7 stop near the Storebox.