Storebox Belvedere

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1.5 From 53,99 €/Month BEL028
1.6 From 55,99 €/Month BEL016
1.9 From 57,19 €/Month BEL027
2.2 From 65,09 €/Month BEL042
2.2 From 73,99 €/Month BEL020
2.5 From 81,99 €/Month BEL002
2.9 From 81,79 €/Month BEL046
3.1 From 98,99 €/Month BEL021
3.2 From 88,89 €/Month BEL039
3.2 From 100,99 €/Month BEL037
3.2 From 100,99 €/Month BEL005
3.3 From 102,99 €/Month BEL011
3.4 From 105,99 €/Month BEL013
3.6 From 109,99 €/Month BEL035
3.6 From 96,79 €/Month BEL047
3.8 From 115,99 €/Month BEL004
4.5 From 114,39 €/Month BEL048
5.1 From 124,99 €/Month BEL030
5.2 From 126,69 €/Month BEL031
5.6 From 150,99 €/Month BEL009
5.7 From 134,59 €/Month BEL038
5.9 From 155,99 €/Month BEL032
6.2 From 160,99 €/Month BEL019
6.7 From 148,69 €/Month BEL024

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Storebox Belvedere

AutomobilesAutomobiles 77A, N7177A, N71
1, O, 18, 711, O, 18, 71 S1, S7, S80S1, S7, S80
  • Around the clockAround the clock
  • MonitoredMonitored
  • HeatedHeated
  • Open accessOpen access
  • Smart sensorsSmart sensors
  • Wall socketWall socket
Currently available
Smallest unit: 1,50 m²
Largest unit: 6,70 m²
Least expensive unit: 53,99 €/Monthly

The Storebox Belvedere is situated only a few steps away from Rennweg, in the Kölblgasse 18 in the 3rd district near the beautiful Belvedere Palace. The Storebox offers 49 selfstorage compartments between 1,10m² and 11,40m² and features barrier-free 24/7 access. Thanks to its central location the Storebox Belvedere is easily accessible via public transport and by car.
Book your storebox in just a few clicks online. After the booking confirmation you will receive your personal access code and can store your stuff right away. Our smart sensors, real-time video surveillance and comprehensive insurance guarantee your goods are safe and sound. Optional shelving, boxes and our beloved moving service make the storage even easier.
You can access your storage next door by public transport (local and regional trains, trams 1, O, 18 and 71 as well as with the busses 77A and N71). By car you can reach us through the Rennweg, Fasangasse as well as Landstraßer Gürtel. Make sure you have a valid parking ticket as the 3rd district is a short-parking zone.