Das Storeme Team


The Company

StoreMe is not just an online storage space exchange that we established together. It is a project that captured our hearts as we poured our motivation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit into it.

StoreMe is also a great example of how a small, accidental observation can become something huge. "When I learned that my 84-year-old neighbor had rented her unused basement unit a craftsman for storing his equipment and materials, I had to consider what a great idea it would be if we could bring those people together", remembers StoreMe founder and CEO Johannes Braith. "That set the foundation for StoreMe. I just hadn’t realized it yet.


The Product

StoreMe is also a perfect example for how quickly one can establish themselves and then reinvent themselves completely. Starting as what has become the largest storage exchange in the German-speaking region, we had a successful market launch with numerous prizes and awards (Best Startup Award for the Pitching Days in Tel Aviv 2016, Logistics Startup of the Year 2016, Winner of the Post-startup Challenge 2016) combined with a strong business idea that was convincing for investors. However, when it was time for the change, we could redefine our business idea disruptively and develop a fully new business model from scratch, which and proved to be a big success. Europe’s most modern Selfstorage business, Storebox was born. With just a few clicks, you can book your storage unit with 24/7 access, video surveillance and insurance online. In addition, a smart sensor system will measure temperatures and humidity. Moreover we provide you with personalized service. Storebox - You Storage Next Door.

All of this created a great team, launched the first facebook moving chatbot and made life easier for many customers.

Today, we are proud of what has been created. However, we are not resting on our laurels. Instead, we are ensuring that Storebox remains a vital, fresh and multi-faceted project with great expectations for the future. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive Storebox network throughout the German-speaking region and to solve the lack of space in the long term.


Johannes Braith Profilbild

Johannes Braith

Ferdinand Dietrich Profilbild

Ferdinand Dietrich

Christoph Sandraschitz Profilbild

Christoph Sandraschitz

Kwabena Yeboah

Kwabena Yeboah
Sales Manager

Matthias Prieth Profilbild

Matthias Prieth
Lead Frontend Developer

Yan Bululukov Profilbild

Yan Bululukov
Research & Development

Leonhard Wolf Profilbild

Leonhard Wolf
Product & Sales Manager

Husein Gagajew Profilbild

Husein Gagajew
Software Developer

Magdalena Mathoi Profilbild

Magdalena Mathoi
Head of Franchise Management

Manuel Renner Profilbild

Manuel Renner
Sales Manager

Marielle Plößl Profilbild

Marielle Plößl
Graphic & Design

Martina Hadolt Profilbild

Martina Hadolt

Christian Schwarz Profilbild

Christian Schwarz

Stefanie Volf Profilbild

Stefanie Volf
HR Managerin

Anita Mayrhofer Profilbild

Anita Mayrhofer

Philipp Schachner Profilbild

Philipp Schachner
Product Manager

Herbert Bauerstätter Profilbild

Herbert Bauerstätter
Head of Property Management

Nicole Jeitler Profilbild

Nicole Jeitler
Executive Assistant

Lisa Lattner Profilbild

Lisa Lattner

Alexander Becker Profilbild

Alexander Becker
Property Manager

Verena Rohm Profilbild

Verena Rohm
Recruiting Specialist

Lisa Gautsch Profilbild

Lisa Gautsch
Franchise-Partner Manager

Joshua Fischer Profilbild

Joshua Fischer
Sales Manager

Marlene Schürz Profilbild

Marlene Schürz
Franchise-Partner Manager

Nicole Schuster Profilbild

Nicole Schuster
Grafik Designer

Business Angels

Peter Koch Profilbild

Peter Koch
Business Angel

Hansi Hansmann Profilbild

Hansi Hansmann
Business Angel

Markus Ertler Profilbild

Markus Ertler
Business Angel

Rudi Fries Profilbild

Rudi Fries
Business Angel

Jürgen Fenk Profilbild

Jürgen Fenk
Signa Innovations


Support in Vienna

Alexander Becker, Verena Rohm, Lisa Gautsch, Joshua Fischer, Nicole Schuster & Marlene Schürz are now supporting our team in Vienna.

November 2018

SIGNA invests in Storebox

Signa Innovations AG invests in Storebox.

Read more October 6th, 2018

Recruitment in Berlin

Our Storebox-team in Berlin is growing. Lisa Lattner now supports us in the area of marketing.

September 2018

Our team is growing

Herbert Bauerstätter (Product Manager) and Nicole Jeitler (Executive Assistant) are now supporting the Storebox-Team

June & July 2018

We are expanding our team

Martina Hadolt (Finance/Controlling), Daniel Paunovic (Produkt Manager), Stefanie Volf (HR Managerin), Anita Mayrhofer (Marketing ManagerIn), Christian Schwarz (Marketing Manager) and Philipp Schachner (Product Manager) are now supporting the Storebox-Team.

April & May 2018

First Storebox in Berlin

Opening of the first Storebox in Berlin. The first Storebox in Berlin is located near Berliner Allee.

Read more March 15th, 2018

The first franchise location opened

The first franchise location was opened in Salzburg, Austria by Raphael Reifeltshammer and Paul Langeder.

Read more January 22nd, 2018

New collegues

Marielle Pößl (Grafik/Design - Marketing Team) is now supporting the Storebox-Team.

January 15th, 2018

Our teams grew

Alyssa-Ninja Weis (Marketing & Business Development), Magdalena Mathoi (Partner Manager), Manuel Renner (Sales) joined our Storebox team.

November 2017

First franchise partner

First franchise partner

Read more November 2017

Storebox continued to expand

Storebox continued to expand and opened two new locations in the 1170 and 1050 ´ZIP codes in Vienna, Austria.

November 2017

Storebox franchise system started

After months of design and development, our franchise concept became available throughout Europe.

Read more October 30th, 2017

Re-launch of Storebox

Our new web site came online with new features and a new look-and-feel.

Read more October 19th, 2017

Rudolf Fries joined the Store.me Board

store.me received a seven-digit investment from Rudolf Fries & the Urban Pioneers GmbH

Read more July 2017

Storebox: Most central Selfstorage company in Vienna

Two new locations were opened in the 1180 and 1010 ZIP codes in Vienna, Austral.

Read more May & June 2017

Pauli gets a look at the world

Store.me unveils their chatbot project, Pauli, for finding storage spaces.

Read more March 2017

Storebox starts up

StoreMe launched their own Selfstorage locations in the 1150 and 1200 ZIP codes in Vienna

Read more January 2017

Digital Business Trend Award

StoreMe reached second place in the Digital Business Revolution category

Read more December 2016

Logistical Startup of the Year

StoreMe was a finalist in the Logistical Startup for 2016

Read more November 2016

Markus Ertler

Markus Ertler joined store.me as a business angel.

Read more September 2016


We moved into a large, modern office on Mariahilfer Street in Vienna, Austria.

June 1st, 2016

Pioneers’ Festival

StoreMe won the Post Startup Challenge at the Pioneers’ Festival

Read more May 24th, 2016

Hansi Hansmann & Peter Koch

Business angels Johann "Hansi" Hansmann and Peter Koch invested in StoreMe.

Read more April 8th, 2016

eAward 2016

Winner of the eAward 2016 economic prize in the field of Tourism and Services.

Read more March 8th, 2016

Best Startup Award

Tel Aviv: StoreMe won the Best Startup Award.

Read more February 7-9th, 2016


On January 15th, 2016, we counted down and celebrated together, as the www.storeme.at storage space exchange went online after a lot of hard work.

Read more January 15th, 2016