E-scooter start-ups are ready to go – Berlin, Germany

E-scooters now also in Berlin

Even the German capital Berlin is no longer spared out from electronic scooters. As already in Vienna, the E-Scooters will change the cityscape in Berlin and cause a lot of excitement. Driving on scooters has been banned in Germany up to now, but the new regulation for small electric vehicles should finally change this. This means that German start-ups can now also hit their own markets and no longer have to switch to neighbouring countries.

The e-scooters have a lot of advantages. On the one hand, they are powered by electricity and are therefore very environmentally friendly. They can also significantly facilitate inner-city traffic by replacing short car journeys with e-scooters. The scooters are also fast, up to 25km/h and very practical as they can be parked anywhere in the city. The payment is done very uncomplicated directly via the app. In the following article we explain which providers will enter into the market in Berlin and what different subscription models they offer.


E-scooter providers, subscriptions and prices

The Berlin start-up Tier Mobility will soon be able to provide its services in its own country and flood the capital with scooters. Tier is the classic e-scooter supplier. The operation is very simple. With the free app you can find a scooter on the map, unlock it with the QR-Code and start your journey. You always pay 1€ for unlocking and then 0,15€ per minute. The scooter can be parked anywhere in the restricted area without, of course, blocking pedestrian paths, etc. The safest way to park the scooter is with a bicycle stand. The Tier Mobility App is linked to the payment method you specify, and payment is made directly in the app.

Another supplier presents another model of the electric scooter. The Berlin start-up Grover offers the scooters instead of prices in the minute attack, to a monthly based Abo. Instead of occupying the whole city with scooters, Grover rents one scooter per person for 49,99€ per month. The scooters used can travel at speeds of up to approx. 25 km/h and have a range of around 30 kilometres.

The two US companies Bird and Lime are also already in the starting blocks in Berlin. In addition to several major US cities, the two e-scooter providers are already represented in Vienna. The system works with Bird and Lime very similar to the Berlin company Tier. The entire processing of the trip is carried out via the app and the billing is carried out in minutes. The prices are identical. 1€ entry fee and 15 Cent per minute.

These two models have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of minute-based billing is in any case the flexibility that the scooter can be parked anywhere and that you don't have to worry about recharging. The disadvantage is that a scooter must first be found in order to use it.

The advantage of a monthly subscription is that you have a scooter ready at any time during the month and can drive as much as you want at a fixed price. The disadvantage is that you have to recharge it yourself and you have therefore to pay the electricity costs.

Become a "Charger" and earn money

With the American providers there is the possibility to earn money by recharging the E-Scooter. At Bird you become a so-called "Charger" and at Lime a "Juicer". The task is very easy. Simply collect the scooters from the street in the evening, charge them at home overnight and bring them back to the streets the next morning fully loaded. Depending on how many scooters you collect per night, you can receive different amounts of money. However, up to 100€ per day is possible.

We hope we could give you a little insight into the topic of E-Scooters in Berlin and wish you a lot of fun while driving as soon as the regulation has come into force!

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